Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fun in Port Townsend

My sister Donna and I spent the last weekend in February in Port Townsend with our besties, Nancy & Deb from California. Special thanks to Nancy for making this possible. Three days and two nights with these DOLLS was so much fun and not enough time.
Our time was spent browsing through the fun shops, making a few purchases, eating, drinking, laughing, and making things. Below are two of the projects Nancy coached us through. The copper bracelet was a lot of fun to make and I would love to make another but I don't think I have the knack for curling the copper around the mandrel and shaping it to look like a bracelet. Nancy made it look so easy but it was not. The other project was a little embossed leather journal. First we embossed it and then we dyed it. I sewed the signatures in when I got home.
The weekend was so much fun. I wish we all lived closer together so we could see each other more often. Thanks again Nancy and Deb for your friendship.

Monday, March 14, 2016

First of more to come

I recently got around to watching the Metal Sketchbook Pendant by Jen Crossley that I purchased from Interweave quite some time ago. After watching I was inspired to make one myself. I was happy with the result.