Sunday, September 20, 2009

What I did yesterday.

Yesterday was a great day. Started out with breakfast at Pluto's with Suzanne, Christiane, and Charmaine. We were priveliged to see some incredible work done by Christiane in a paste paper workshop with Martha Cole. Christiane made a fantastic journal with samples and recipes from class. She also showed us a little journal she made. In the journal was a wonderful little poem she composed and wrote in her own beautiful calligraphic hand.
After breakfast Suzanne and I proceeded to Island Blue where she was teaching a Lutradur journal class and I was one of her students. The class was great as usual, Suzanne is an awesome teacher and hands out extremely clear handouts. It was fun experimenting with different mediums on the Lutradur. I wasn’t really very happy with any of my pieces after they dried but after spending some time on burning, melting, lacing and embellishing I was very pleased with the outcomes, especially my finished journal.