Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I am having a bit of a lazy summer so far. I have managed to make one little journal so far. It was an epic failure but I finished it anyway. I now know a lot of things not to do when adding attachments to the cover.
I had some fun today making some silicone molds. I happened upon this technique while trying to find a solution to a problem I was having with a popular 2 part mold making compound. This compound is made using 100% silicone compound found in the hardware store, cornstarch, a little oil and a little paint to colour the molds. These worked OK but I think I prefer the real thing. There is not a lot of working time with the silicone and cornstarch as so much time is used in incorporating all the ingredients together. Some of the molds turned out fantastic and some are ok. Nevertheless I had fun making them. Below is a picture of the molds I made and the items I used to make the molds.